Small Excavators Driving Safety Measures

Mar. 04, 2019

In the construction work of Hydrostatic Bulldozer, safety is always the first problem. 

What are the safety requirements and precautions for driving small excavators? 

How to safely drive small High Power Hydraulic Bulldozer under different terrains?

High Power Hydraulic Bulldozer

Because the main customer base of small excavators is distributed in rural areas and cities across the country, small Mechanical Drive Loader work efficiently and are highly mobile. Most of them have their own trailers, located between the mountains and the jungle.

First of all, the trailer should not be too high and can not be easily wiped. The tires are best equipped with 750-825.

Secondly, the brakes must be air brakes, preferably water jet brakes, long-term downhill braking, brakes are easy to soften, and even the car crashed into the cliff is mostly caused by oil brakes.

Third, it is recommended to stop the air brake when parking. If there is no air brake, when the small excavator moves up and down, the wheel must be placed on the stone. It is not enough to brake. The experience of sliding the excavator and the trailer together is very poor.

In addition to engine carbon deposits, small excavators teach you three construction tools, such as small excavators and forklifts. The machines are often overloaded for long periods of time. In addition, inferior diesel is often used on construction sites, so the engine of the vehicle may have carbon. 

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