Structure and Function of Wheel Loader

Nov. 30, 2021

Loader is a kind of shoveling and transportation machinery widely used in highways, railroads, ports, docks, coal, mines, water conservancy, national defense and other projects and urban construction and other places. It plays an important role in reducing labor intensity, speeding up the construction speed and improving the quality of the project. So what is the working principle of the loader? What are the prospects for development? Bulldozer manufacturer HBXG makes a brief introduction to its structure.

The structure of the loader

In terms of the overall structure of the loader, the loader can be divided into: power system, mechanical system, hydraulic system, and control system.

As an organic whole, the performance of the loader is not only related to the performance of mechanical parts of the working device, but also related to the performance of hydraulic system and control system.

Power system: the original power of the loader is generally provided by the diesel engine, diesel engine has the characteristics of reliable work, hard power characteristics curve, fuel economy, etc., in line with the harsh working conditions of the loader, variable load requirements.

Mechanical system: It mainly includes walking device, steering mechanism and working device.

Hydraulic system: The function of this system is to transform the `mechanical energy of the engine with fuel as the medium, using the oil pump into hydraulic energy, and then transmit it to the oil cylinder, oil motor, etc. to transform into mechanical energy.

Control system: The control system is a system to control the engine, hydraulic pump, multiway reversing valve and actuating element. It consists of hydraulic power amplifying elements, hydraulic actuating elements and loads, and is the core of the hydraulic system for static and dynamic analysis.  

XGL857 Wheel Loader

Purpose of the loader

Its main function is to carry out shoveling and short-distance transportation operations for loose materials. It is one of the fastest growing construction machinery, production and sales volume and market demand for the largest machine. We usually see the most wheel loaders, as opposed to tracked loaders. Compared with the crawler type, it has the advantages of good mobility, no damage to the road and easy operation. Therefore, wheel loaders are widely used.

At present, foreign multifunctional logistics equipment and its related technology is increasingly perfect, and towards the direction of serialization, large-scale, miniaturization, multi-purpose development. At present, the third generation of products has appeared in China's loader industry. The reliability of the third generation products has been greatly improved, and the main performance indicators are basically in line with the international advanced level.

Because of the late start of China's loaders, its development trend is to introduce foreign advanced technology to develop high-quality, multi-functional, multi-species, multi-specification products to improve the market competitiveness of products; strengthen the production and quality of basic components, components, especially to improve the quality of hydraulic components to meet the product reliability requirements on the premise of reducing product costs and improving the quality of product after-sales service.

XGL857 wheel loader is powerful, reliable and long service life. The long wheelbase design of single rocker, increased solid apparatus and frame, ensure stability, increase digging force and shorten cycle time. The loader has excellent performance and meets the needs of loading and unloading heavy loads in mines. Articulated frame with small turning radius. Pilot system ensures labor-saving, fine and high efficiency. Hardened inner edge bucket with higher strength, better wear resistance and long service life.

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