What Aspects Should I Realize When Buying A Loader?

Dec. 07, 2021

For loader users, in order to obtain higher returns and reduce investment risks, when buying a product, you should not only consider the price factor, but should weigh from various aspects, according to different uses and in the spirit of "enough, good" and "to obtain the maximum comprehensive income". The following article is a detailed description of the tricks to buy a wheel loader.

Look at the manufacturer

As the threshold for the production of the machine is not very high, which has led to the continuous emergence of manufacturers in recent years. How to identify the technical strength of the manufacturer is very important, because it directly affects the quality of the product. Companies founded in a short period of time often suffer from lack of experience, insufficient R&D strength, inadequate after-sales service and other criticisms. Therefore, if you want to buy a loader, it is best to go to the field of the manufacturing company to visit. Please choose HBXG, we are one of the most famous bulldozer manufacturers in China, if you need further information about the factory, please contact us, we can talk to you by video.

Look at the price

If the price of a machine is too below the industry average, then the buyer should be alerted. In the absence of large-scale production conditions (such as assembly line production), too low prices do not represent low profits, but rather represents a low cost, and the low cost will directly affect the life of the machinery and the use of the effect. Greedy for cheap will make you lose more than you gain, not only wasted money, but also delayed their production. 

Machine selection

According to the working conditions to determine the speed

For denser ore, solid soil or less dense loose materials such as soil, coke, etc., due to its different operating conditions, the loader selection also has a large difference. For those solid soil, ore and other dense materials, due to the high requirements for traction (insertion force), should choose a lower working speed, digging force and traction force are larger products to ensure normal use.

Determine the rated load capacity according to the operation volume

For road construction operations and large coal mines, due to the large workload, long work cycle, and spacious working environment, the supporting transport machinery load capacity is more than 10 tons, then you should choose a 5-ton or 6-ton loaders, which can improve operating efficiency and reduce construction costs.

For the relatively small amount of operations, such as earth, river sand, etc. can generally choose 3 tons or 4 tons of load capacity, to avoid excess loader operating capacity, thus achieving the purpose of economic and practical.

The effect of the use of the machine is mainly reflected in the speed, weight, power consumption, service life, etc. We will make great efforts to forge HBXG becoming a modern equipment manufacture enterprise with the position of leading-domestic, international first-class, integrated the engineering, mining machinery, metallurgical & environment-protection machinery. Please contact us today to get reliable cooperation.

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