What Are The Basic Uses Of Bulldozers?

Jun. 04, 2020

The front of the bulldozer is a bulldozer blade. Under the control of the driver, the blade is put down and the blade is cut into the soil. The power of the bulldozer when it is advancing can complete the cutting and pushing of the soil.

Bulldozer is a self-propelled construction machinery suitable for short distance bulldozing. Because of its simple structure, flexible maneuverability, ability to adapt to a variety of operations and high productivity, it has been widely used in infrastructure construction. It is the most widely used construction machinery.


Bulldozers are widely used in earth and stone engineering in construction, highways, railways, airports, ports, mining, agriculture, water conservancy, forestry and national defense construction.

What Are The Basic Uses Of Bulldozers?cid=2

The bulldozer can shovel and transport soil as follows: Generally, soil and other loose materials are shoveled within a distance of 100 meters. It is used to build roadbed, excavate cuttings, and pile up gravel. Filling: Backfilling trenches, foundation pits, and landfill garbage. Flatland: leveling the construction site and farmland, etc. Soil loosening: Pre-loosening hard soil and frozen soil through a soil loosener, destroying the road surface, etc. Other uses: used for excavation of sidewalks (travel roads), soil shoveling, shoveling snow, assisting shoveling of shovelers, supplying soil to loaders, etc., and as a tractor for various towing machines or other machines .

Although the bulldozer has a wide range of uses, it is limited by the capacity of its blade. The distance of pushing the soil is not too long, so the bulldozer is a short-distance earth-rock construction machine. The transportation distance is too long, the soil is easily lost from both sides of the blade during the soil transportation process, resulting in a reduction in its production efficiency; the transportation distance is too short, the commutation and gear shifting operations are frequent, and the proportion of these invalid working hours in its working cycle Increase, will also reduce its production efficiency. Generally, the distance of small and medium bulldozers should be controlled within the range of 30-100 meters, and the distance of large bulldozers should not exceed 150 meters. The economic distance of bulldozers is 50-80 meters. The so-called "economic distance" refers to the distance when the production efficiency of the bulldozer reaches its maximum.

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