What Is The Role of Bulldozer?

Jan. 20, 2021

A bulldozer is a machine composed of a Tractor as the driving machine and a bulldozer with cutting blades; it is used to clear land, road structures or similar tasks.

The Bulldozer is a kind of engineering vehicle. The front is equipped with a large metal bulldozer. When in use, the bulldozer is put down to shovel and push mud, sand and stones forward. The position and angle of the bulldozer can be adjusted. The bulldozer can complete the excavation, transport and unloading work alone, and has the characteristics of flexible operation, convenient rotation, small working surface required, and fast driving speed. It is mainly suitable for shallow excavation and short-haul of the first to third types of soil, such as site cleaning or leveling, excavation of deep foundation pits and backfilling, pushing and constructing subgrades with low height, etc.



Standard interpretation

The Crawler Bulldozer is a road construction machine loaded with a bulldozer shovel in front of the tractor, which is used for bulldozing and leveling construction sites. For example, in road construction, bulldozers can complete the treatment of the roadbed base, take soil from the roadside and add an embankment with a building height of no more than 1 meter, and shovel and transfer along the center line of the road. The soil builds a roadbed of half embankment and half trench. In addition, bulldozers can also be used to level the ground, accumulate loose materials, and remove obstacles in the work area.

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