Bulldozer Purchase Strategy Sharing

Feb. 03, 2021

Market demand for bulldozers

In the past few decades, the development of my country's construction machinery industry has focused on basic technology construction and product imitation manufacturing. The steady and benign development during this period has built a broad and solid platform for the further development of my country's construction machinery industry. It is based on such a platform that the development of my country's construction machinery industry has made great progress.

Bulldozers are the main types of earth shovel and transportation machinery products. They are widely used in mining, water conservancy, construction, road construction, coal mining, ports, agriculture, forestry and national defense projects. They can complete excavation, accumulation, backfilling, leveling and compaction. Practical operations are ideal equipment for short-distance transportation. There are more than 10 manufacturing enterprises in my country's bulldozer industry, most of which are state-owned enterprises. After the technical transformation of the three five-year plans from the Seventh Five-Year Plan to the Ninth Five-Year Plan, the technical level has been considerably improved. The product variety is mainly crawler type, and the specifications can basically be divided into small size below 76kW (100 horsepower), medium and small size below 118kW (160 horsepower), medium size below 169kW (230 horsepower), large and medium size below 235kW (320 horsepower) and extra large 235kW (320 horsepower) above 5 stages. The bulldozers of the above models basically meet the needs of the domestic market, and some products are also exported abroad.



The technical status of domestic bulldozers

The bulldozer industry in my country developed in the 1970s and 1980s. It introduced several models such as D60, D65, D80, D85 and D155 from Komatsu, and introduced Caterpillar D6D and D7G models in the late 1980s. Boherr PR732, PR742 and PR751 models. From the perspective of the development of the industry, after nearly 20 years of digestion and absorption, a pattern dominated by Komatsu technology products at the end of the 1980s has been formed, and the supporting parts of Komatsu series products have basically achieved localization. However, the reliability and technological advancement of these leading products are far behind foreign advanced products, which means that the domestic bulldozer technology cannot meet the needs of high-quality construction. In recent years, with the increase in market demand, some manufacturers have begun to develop or introduce technologically advanced overhead bulldozers and full hydraulic bulldozers to meet the needs of domestic bulldozer product technology upgrades.

Bulldozer product classification

According to the way of walking, bulldozers can be divided into two types: crawler type and tire type. Crawler-Type Bulldozers have large adhesion traction, low ground contact pressure, strong climbing ability, but low driving speed. Wheeled bulldozers have high traveling speed, flexible maneuverability, short operating cycle time, convenient transportation and transfer, but low traction, which is suitable for situations that require frequent change of construction sites and field work.

According to the purpose, it can be divided into two types: general type and special type. The universal type is a model produced according to standards and is widely used in earth and stone works. The special type is used under specific working conditions. There are wetland bulldozers and marshland bulldozers that use triangular wide crawler plates to reduce the ground pressure, amphibious bulldozers, underwater bulldozers, cabin bulldozers, unmanned bulldozers, prototypes and high Bulldozers operating under wet conditions, etc.

my country's current production is mainly general-purpose bulldozers and some wetland bulldozers. After more than 20 years of steady development, my country's bulldozer industry has formed a complete product series from 59kW (80 horsepower) to 235kW (320 horsepower). In addition, there are also modified products with different configuration modules according to the needs of different operating conditions, which basically meets the domestic earthwork engineering requirements for bulldozer products.

Buying bulldozer

Products to meet the needs of engineering construction is a very important issue for users. Improper selection will limit the efficiency of the machine, and even increase the failure rate of the machine, which directly affects the progress of the project and the benefits of users. The following Bulldozer Suppliers put forward some suggestions on the purchase of bulldozers for reference only.

1. Determine the power level of the machine

When determining the power grade of the bulldozer to purchase, the user should select according to the size of the project and the reasonable scope of application of the power grade of the bulldozer

For the selection of the power grade of the machine, it is also necessary to comprehensively consider factors such as the engineering soil condition and the nature of the machine operation. For example, when the machine is constructed in a soil environment dominated by sand and rocks, a bulldozer of 162kW (220 horsepower) or more should generally be selected; if a bulldozer In addition to dozer operations, frequent traction operations are also required, which requires consideration of the traction of the machine and a reasonable trade-off.

2. Understand the characteristics and operating scope of various bulldozers and various configurations

After determining the power level of the machine, the user must further select the appropriate model from various variants of the power level bulldozer according to the specific characteristics of the engineering construction to determine the required configuration. At present, in addition to the standard models, the manufacturers can also choose models that are suitable for operations above 4000m above sea level, desert models suitable for operation in desert environments, wetland models suitable for operations in southern rice fields and swamp water networks. Ultra-wetland type, sanitation type suitable for landfilling of garbage, and rake and power plant types suitable for port and power plant operations. Standard bulldozers can also be equipped with different front and rear working devices, such as straight tilting shovel, angle shovel, U-shaped shovel, semi-U-shaped shovel, single-tooth ripper, three-tooth ripper, drag scraper and power winch, etc. . In addition, there are different types of cabs, air conditioners, etc.

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