Comprehensive Understanding of Bulldozer Operating Precautions

Feb. 09, 2022

Bulldozers have been adjusted before leaving the factory, but in the process of use some parts will change because of various factors, so we must know the bulldozer operation precautions in the usual operation construction, so that our machinery and equipment can have a long life, but also to make our construction safety and smooth.

Diesel engine v-belt

When the diesel engine is working, the v-belt should maintain a certain degree of tension, under normal circumstances in the middle of the force 29 ~ 49 N should be able to press 10 ~ 20 mm. too tight, will cause the charging generator, fan and pump on the bearing wear intensified; too loose, the driven accessories can not reach the required speed. Regular adjustment can extend the service life of the delta tape. If the tape is peeled and delaminated or cannot reach the specified tension due to excessive elongation, it should be replaced immediately.

Comprehensive Understanding of Bulldozer Operating Precautions

TY230-3 Bulldozer

Clutch friction plate

After the main clutch has worked for 40h, the friction plate gap needs to be adjusted.

The specific adjustment steps for the sensor are: first remove the main clutch cover, loosen the stop nut; apply force to the elbow joint connector with a wrench or lever, turn the adjusting ring, and write down the position of the lever when the main clutch is engaged; adjust the main clutch and pull it forcibly without assistance (250~300N), if the position of the lever of the main clutch is the same as the position written down, the adjustment is complete.

Shift brake

The role of the shift brake is to ensure that the transmission is not easily damaged in shifting, that is, within 2~3s after the main clutch is separated, cut off the power from the diesel engine to the universal joint, and shift after the transmission input shaft is stopped, otherwise the transmission gears will be bad due to the rotating force. If you smell the burning smell, you should promptly check and adjust the brake belt.

Comprehensive Understanding of Bulldozer Operating Precautions

SD7NLGP Bulldozer

Steering brake system

Adjustment method is to remove the cover on the rear brake cover of the bulldozer; brake pedal in the relaxed position, use a wrench to twist the adjusting bolt, tighten clockwise until it does not twist; then twist the adjusting bolt counterclockwise about 2 turns.

After adjustment, start the main engine to hang forward gear or reverse gear, such as the diesel engine no power change, step down the brake pedal to do left and right steering are normal, indicating that the brake system has been adjusted.

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Comprehensive Understanding of Bulldozer Operating Precautions

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