Use Of Amphibious Excavators

May. 31, 2019

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The amphibious excavator is a multi-purpose excavator for land, marsh soft ground, and shallow water operations. It is mainly used in coastal areas and areas where there is much silt in lakes. Land and water excavators are rare in China and employ fewer people. Mainly some companies have converted dryland excavators. Because there are fewer drivers for land and water excavators, wages are also considerable compared to dryland excavator drivers.

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The landing device of the amphibious excavator adopts a catamaran pontoon structure crawler frame and a sealed box-shaped track shoe to ensure safe navigation on the water. Due to the pontoon height limitation of the amphibious excavator, it can be constructed at a depth of not more than two meters. If the water is too deep, the amphibious excavator will float on the surface of the water and the bucket will not work.

The difference between land and water excavators and dryland excavators:

Generally speaking, the amphibious excavator relies on its special walking device to work in coastal areas, lakes, and muddy marshes and can float on the water. The main scope of work includes opening channels underwater, clearing river courses, and dredging fish ponds. The water excavation is the same as the dry excavator except for the large chain and the hollow iron shell. However, on land, land and water excavators are difficult to walk, and most of them rely on buckets to assist.

The amphibious excavator uses reinforced extra long working devices and special structural pin connectors, as well as a slewing mechanism to improve work quality and productivity. The beautiful appearance, spacious and fully equipped cab and concise sound and light alarm system reduce fatigue during long hours and improve handling comfort. The perfect combination of the advanced hydraulic system and the engine enables compound action and ensures reliable operation and high economics.

Choose amphibious excavator:

If you are working at the seaside or in the salt lake, the water, and land excavator must choose the enhanced type. It is ok to work in a shallow water area. The reinforced ship plate thickness is 4mm thicker than the 2mm lining plate, so the overall strength is much larger. The reinforced type of multi-purpose Lincoln Panasonic welding wire, the ordinary type can only use the cheap welding wire produced by the ordinary small factory because of the price cost factor.

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