What Are The Types of Bulldozers

Aug. 09, 2021

You may have seen many different types of bulldozers, big one and small one, but you may not know their names. Here bulldozer manufacturer tells you the six types of bulldozers and their names and features.

Hydrostatic bulldozer

They are significantly more productive in most applications. In some applications, one large hydrostatic bulldozer can do the work that previously required two or three conventional machines. This type of dozers have smoother operation, meaning enhanced control of the load during linear dozing, especially during power steering. The hydrostatic is the perfect partner for GPS-enabled machine control, which makes it easy for operators of large bulldozers to use it for precise surface grading.

Hydrostatic bulldozers

Mini Dozer

It is also known as a compact dozer. The smallest bulldozer models are ideal for working in tight areas that are off-limits to heavier, bulky machines. They are often the best choice in workplaces where maximum maneuverability and versatility are required. Typical applications include slopes, residential lot clearing, backfilling and grading jobs.

Crawler bulldozer

The most common one. This type of bulldozer, its version is similar to a tractor. It runs on tracks through the ground, providing better traction and preventing it from sinking into softer materials such as loose dirt or sand. Crawler tracks are usually fitted with a soil cracker at the rear of the machine, allowing it to break up harder surfaces. Large tracked vehicles are used to move large amounts of material, such as in mining, site development and road construction. And smaller tracked dozers are used as grading tractors to establish final grades and contours in earthwork applications.

Wheeled bulldozer

Unlike crawler dozers, these dozers rely on wheels to move around the job site. Wheeled dozers are larger, faster and more flexible than crawler dozers, making them more suitable for high-performance applications. This type of bulldozer is suitable for projects that require working on soft ground or sensitive surfaces because the tires perform better on the surface than the tracks. It is also ideal for projects that require mobility and versatility.

Wheeled bulldozers

Port Handling Bulldozers

Designed to move in and out of the cargo hold of merchant ships and to move a variety of bulk materials. This type of bulldozer has good rust resistance.

Hybrid bulldozers

With technological advances and innovations, hybrid dozers use less fuel by providing higher efficiency and fewer emissions. Hybrid type of bulldozers use electronics and are equipped with blade combinations for standing water, swamps, mud and hard soils.

Currently these are all the types of bulldozers, and as technology evolves, new models of bulldozers may be available in the future. Please contact XUANHUA for more information.

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