Bulldozer Component Parts And Functions

Aug. 04, 2021

A Bulldozer has many parts, from the cabin upside to the bulldozer chassis. Here high efficient bulldozer supplier shows you the components of bulldozers.

Final Drive

The final drive of a bulldozer is probably the most used and most frequently replaced part on a bulldozer. Modern final drives distribute the load over multiple gear teeth and lift the drive motor from the suspension.

final drive

Push Frames

The push frame is essential when positioning material for different tasks. This bulldozer component is responsible for moving the blade.


Tracks and tires greatly affect the maneuverability of a bulldozer. Tracks are ideal for hard, uneven terrain, while tires are better suited for loose ground. You may also want to consider tires if you are working in sensitive areas that you don't want to damage.


The bulldozer cab is an important part of this machine because it is where the operator controls this machine. Certain cabs have different features that can improve their comfort and safety. As you walk around the job site, you should check that your cab is reducing sound and absorbing shock.


Bulldozers usually need powerful engines because they move a lot of heavy material around the job site. There are different types of engines available to meet different needs.


The landing gear is the device used to support gravity and carry the appropriate load when the bulldozer is parked on the ground, started, and landed.


Dozer Blades

The blade is a heavy metal plate located at the front of the bulldozer that is used to push and excavate material. As we mentioned before, different types of blades are better suited for specific projects.

How to choose a dozer

Choosing the right bulldozer can increase the efficiency of your project. When considering the type of dozer for your next project, keep the following points in mind.

Determine its purpose. Are you leveling the earth? Pushing material?

Analyze the job site. Do you need to operate in a tight space?

Consider the terrain. Are you working on a hard or soft surface?

Identify the type of material. What type of earth are you moving? What is its density?

 Taking the time to weigh your options and becoming familiar with each of the dozer's unique features will greatly benefit your job site. Why not come to HeBei XUANHUA and get more you want? 

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