What Is The Reason For Track Loader walking Slowly?

Aug. 20, 2018

According to the actual work experience of the Track Loader, the following procedures can be used for diagnosis and elimination:

(1) Check the servo pressure. Connect the 60 bar pressure gauge to the servo pressure pressure tap. If the pressure is 21 bar, it will be normal. Otherwise, the servo pressure valve should be adjusted. If it cannot be adjusted, check the servo pump.

(2) Check the pressure difference of the throttle valve, connect two 60 bar pressure gauges on the pressure measuring port before and after the throttle valve, and measure the two pairs of pressure values at high speed and 1400 rpm, such as the pressure difference is 4 ± 0.4, and It is normal that the error of the two speeds does not exceed 0.4 bar. Otherwise, the right-angle link mechanism should be adjusted to make the value normal; if it cannot be adjusted, the throttle valve is faulty, and the throttle valve is repaired or replaced.

(4) Check the operation safety valve, if it is not normal, repair and replace it;

(5) Check the pilot control valve;

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Track Loader

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