Impact Of Wheel Excavator's Tire Tread On Equipment Use

Aug. 15, 2018

Wheeled mechanical products of any kind have their own tire pattern, Wheel Excavator tires are no exception. The tire pattern of wheeled excavators is crucial for the use of equipment.

The depth of the tire streaks has a great influence on the wheel excavator tires. The deeper the markings, the greater the amount of grounding elastic deformation of the striated block, and then the rolling resistance caused by the loss of elastic hysteresis of the wheeled excavator tire is added. The tires are too deep and too shallow,

the deeper markings are not conducive to the heat dissipation of the tires, and then the temperature rise of the tires is accelerated, which is very simple, so that the roots of the markings are severely punished by tears and drops. However, if the tire is too shallow, it will have a great influence on water storage and drainage, which is very simple.

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Impact Of Wheel Excavator's Tire Tread On Equipment Use

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