tractor bulldozer

A bulldozer is a continuous track or wheeled tractor identified by a metal plate (called a blade) mounted on the front of the machine. Bulldozers are used to push and excavate dirt and debris on construction sites or mining quarries. They are also used to backfill ditches, clear and level land, and maintain roads.

Tractor bulldozer types

Crawler Bulldozer:

This is a bulldozer that looks like a tractor. It is used to push sand and other heavy objects from one place to another. Tracked bulldozers are tracked vehicles and are not equipped with any tires. They come in various sizes. Large tracks have a ripper mounted on the rear of the machine capable of crushing any hard surface. This is a bulldozer that is mainly suitable for irregular sites due to the abrasive plate. The plate on the front of the tractor is used to move sand and other heavy objects.

Wheel dozers:

Wheel dozers are larger than crawler dozers. These are the types of bulldozers used in most construction programs like water parks and stadiums. Their high efficiency and performance make them suitable for this type of work. Wheel dozers come with large, heavy tires that allow them to work properly. This one has a fully articulated hydraulic steering which is very easy and flexible to operate.

Mini Bulldozer:

Small dozers are designed to optimize speed, maneuverability, transportability and versatility. These types of dozers are best suited for residential construction. They are useful for tasks such as grading and cleaning batches. They have also been shown to be beneficial for the slope of roads, driveways, and for construction and backfill purposes.

tractor bulldozer

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