SD7N Bulldozer

SD7N Wheeled bulldozer is 230 horsepower track-type dozer with elevated sprocket, power shift drive, semi-rigid suspended and pilot hydraulic controls. It is integrate with modular design is easy to repair & maintenance, It relieves oil with difference pressure, the hydraulic system performs protecting environment and save energy with high working efficiency.


Technical Features

What Is a Track Dozer?

Also known as a crawler, a track dozer moves on tracks similar to what you might think of on a tank. These tracks are often steel but can also be rubber. The tracks disperse the machine’s weight more widely than tires do, helping keep the heavy equipment above ground and preventing sinking in challenging environments such as mud, clay, rocks and sand. The tracks also won’t puncture when moving over pieces of rubble, which can happen when wheeled dozers encounter rough terrain.

Tracks help the machine operate up and across different grades or uneven surfaces, too. You could be working on a steep incline or an area that gradually declines, and the tracks will hold the bulldozer in place to prevent tipping. Because a dozer’s tracks evenly distribute its weight to form a lower center of gravity, it’s ideal for off-road landscapes, rough terrain, slippery areas and field work.


  • It is integrate with modular design, easy to repair & maintenance.

  • It relieves oil with difference pressure, the hydraulic system performs protecting environment and save energy with high working efficiency. 

  • Safety comfortable operation condition, electric monitoring and ROPS cabin with reliable entire quality, excellent service is your wise choosing. 

  • It can be equipped with straight tilting blade, angle blade, coal pushing blade, U shape blade; single shank ripper, three shanks ripper; ROPS, FOPS, forest defence cabin etc.

  • It is can ideal machine used in communication, oil field, power, mining etc. large earth moving program.

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How to Choose the Bulldozer?

There are several factors you should consider before renting or purchasing a bulldozer. They include:

  • Type of terrain the machine will be working in

  • The specifics of the project

  • The size of the work space 

  • The type of material you'll be moving

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Performance Parameters

Flywheel output169KW/230HP
Operating weight23800Kg
Ground pressure71.9Kpa
Track gauge1980mm
Min. ground clearance404mm
Dozing capacity8.4 m³
Max. Digging depth498mm
Overall dimensions5677×3500×3402mm

SD7N Bulldozer

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