What Do You Know About Crawler Dozer?

Aug. 08, 2018

The development of Crawler Dozer product types must meet the work adaptability of different working conditions, and must maintain the maximum component versatility (or interchangeability) with the basic model, which will bring convenience to the users.  The crawler bulldozer is mainly composed of an engine, a transmission system, a working device, an electric part, a cab and a hood. Among them, mechanical and hydraulic transmission systems include hydraulic torque converters, coupling assemblies, planetary gear-type power shift transmissions, central transmissions, steering clutches and steering brakes, final drives and travel systems.

The power output mechanism drives the working pump, the variable speed torque hydraulic system variable speed pump and the steering brake hydraulic system steering pump in the hydraulic system of the working device by means of gear transmission and spline connection; the sprocket represents the final transmission mechanism of the secondary spur gear transmission (including left and right final drive assemblies); the track shoe includes a track assembly, a frame and a suspension assembly.

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