Correct Operation Of Bulldozer Driving

Jul. 27, 2021

Do you know how to operate the bulldozer correctly under different situations in order to keep safe and last its service life?

1, Speed change and retreat

When changing gears, the throttle handle should be pushed forward to the low speed idling position, and then the main clutch lever to the front, so that the main clutch separation, due to the role of the small brake in the main clutch, so that the transmission power input shaft to stop rotating. At this time, the variable speed pole can be correctly moved to the required gear, and then the rod to the forward or backward position (when the bulldozer moves forward, the rod will be pulled back, and when the back is pushed forward). After the gear is in, pull the throttle handle back to increase the engine speed, and connect the main clutch smoothly, and the bulldozer begins to move.

Bulldozer gearboxes generally have 5 forward gears and 4 backward gears. The moving direction of the bulldozer can be changed by using the advance and retreat rod.

The bulldozer should be operated at the highest speed as possible to improve the operation efficiency. But the driver should always pay attention to the operation of the engine is normal, found that the engine overheating and exhaust black smoke, should be appropriate to reduce the speed.

2, Drive on a ramp

Different types of bulldozers have different climbing abilities (generally 30°), and the slope and terrain that bulldozers of the same structure can adapt to are also different. The driver should be familiar with the climbing limit of the type used to avoid landslides due to the lack of ability to go up and down.

Before uphill, the appropriate speed should be selected according to the terrain, the size and length of the slope. It is not allowed to change gears halfway up the hill. When going up the slope, the bulldozer should run vertically with the transverse slope, and it is not allowed to run horizontally on the steep slope. The spade can be properly lowered so as not to affect the line of sight, and can be placed on the ground quickly in case of a landslide to help the bulldozer brake; If the engine flameout on the way up the hill, stop the oil supply immediately, put down the shovel and emergency brake. When the slope can not stop, should change the reverse slowly slide to the bottom of the slope (side brake side slide), and then advised; If the oil supply is not stopped and the previous entry gear is slid down, the power will reverse to the engine and cause reverse fire, causing the air filter to spray oil. In case of reverse fire, the accelerator should be quickly closed, and the bulldozer will brake. Before restarting, check whether the gear lever is in neutral. 

When the bulldozer is downhill, the low speed throttle position should be selected, and the brake pedal should be used.

SD7NLGP Bulldozer

3, Steering

When moving in the steering, the steering clutch lever on the steering side can be pulled back to separate the steering clutch, so the track speed on the corresponding side becomes slow, and the bulldozer begins to turn. If you want to make the bulldozer sharp turn, in addition to separate steering clutch, should also step under the corresponding brake pedal, generally only in Ⅰ block when the operation is allowed to make a sharp turn. When the brake is not used, the foot should not be placed on the brake pedal, otherwise it will lead to wear of the brake belt and increased fuel consumption.

When the bulldozer is turning, the brake pedal should be stepped on smoothly to avoid jumping when turning. At the end of the turn, release the brake pedal and then the joystick. If the turning radius is large, it is not necessary to step on the brake pedal. When there is no intention, avoid by all means to make the bulldozer turn in situ at high speed, so as not to derail the tracks and cause accidents.


4, Trapped car for self-rescue

When the bulldozer works in the area with great water content or in the muddy area after rain, it is easy to trap the bulldozer. There are two ways to rescue yourself after getting stuck in a car.

1) If the bulldozer is not too deep to the front of the bulldozer on the ground, the bulldozer joystick can be manipulated, and the hydraulic shovel knife can be lowered to jack up the head and make the tail press down; Then operate the bulldozer joystick, so that the hydraulic shovel lift, the head down, the tail reset (the above process depending on the situation of the car site can be repeated), and then hang the bulldozer back Ⅰ block, appropriately increase the throttle, block the main clutch, so that the bulldozer back a short distance (generally 5-10cm back each time), Immediately step on the brake pedal and detach the main clutch control lever. This is repeated so that the trapped bulldozer can be successfully pushed backwards out.

2) If the bulldozer can not be pulled out backwards by the above methods, one end of the steel rope can be fixed on the tree or pile, and the other end of the steel rope can be fixed on one or both tracks of the bulldozer (if only one track is trapped, the steel rope should be fixed on the trapped track; If both sides of the track are trapped and deep, it is necessary to use two steel rope fixed on both sides of the track), then start the engine, hang back Ⅰ gear, slowly turn the track, so that the steel rope rolled on the track above the bulldozer out.

Bulldozer Driving

5, Pass cliffs or rocky beaches

Bulldozer needs to pass the larger earth or cliffs and other obstacles, should be slow to drive up. At the moment when the fuselage is about to tilt forward at the peak, the clutch should be separated quickly so that the front of the bulldozer lands slowly, and then the clutch should be engaged to continue forward. Do not drive over an obstacle diagonally and do not pull the steering lever when driving over an obstacle.

Through the stone beach, in advance to choose a good route, has been opened, the way as little as possible to turn, and should be in low speed block, small throttle driving, not in high speed block, big throttle in the bumpy stone beach driving and sharp turn.

Correct operation technique can not only avoid danger, but also prolong the service life of the bulldozer. A worker can never be too careful. Know more about bulldozer's professional tips in HBXG.

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