Do You Know Anything About Bulldozers?

Jul. 25, 2022

A bulldozer is one of the main machines of earth moving construction machinery. It is divided into two types of crawler type and tyre type according to the way it travels, but since tyre type bulldozers are less common, the following mainly focuses on the structural characteristics of crawler type bulldozers.


What are the main components of a bulldozer?

A bulldozer is generally made up of seven main components.


The undercarriage travel unit. 

Its components carry the weight and wear of the entire body of the bulldozer and mainly consist of "four wheels and one belt", i.e. the drive wheel, the guide wheel, the supporting wheel, the carrier wheel and the tracks.


Transmission unit.

This includes the engine, torque converter, gearbox, central drive and final drive.


Hydraulic system.

This includes the travel hydraulic system (variable speed torque lines, servo lines and pumps, valves and accessories (oil cooling and filtering)) and the working hydraulic system (working pumps, working valves, cylinders and filtering (fluid control fan, PPC line accessories)).


Electrical system.

This includes generator and battery, relays and numerous sensors. (ECU, electronically controlled gearbox control unit, and various instrumentation and lighting systems, as well as the cab interior electrical system)


Control system.

This includes servo valves, linkage system. Work unit steering, steering brake steering and its linkage system. Throttle control (Shanghai 320 non-electronic)


Coverings and air conditioning systems.

This includes the cab, all parts of the hood, floor frame wings, anti-rollover frame, driver's seat and air conditioning.


Working devices.

This includes shovel blade, loosener, etc.


Bulldozer applications.


It is used for the construction of discharge yards, levelling of vehicle discharge yards, stacking of scattered ore rocks, levelling of work flat pans and building sites etc. It is used not only for auxiliary work but also for the main mining work. Examples are: stripping and mining of sand deposits, hauling and boosting of scrapers and ploughs, lowering of stripping steps in conjunction with other earthmoving machinery when no transport mining methods are used, etc.


Currently the products of HBXG covers full serial of bulldozers ranged from 130HP to 430HP. Among them, the serial models of T140, T165, TY165-2, SD6G occupy a stable market share in the domestic and abroad market, and serial models of SD7(230HP), SD8B(320HP), SD9(430HP) are elevated sprocket bulldozer with advanced technology in China or even in the world.

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