Do You Know the History of Bulldozers?

Aug. 03, 2022

Bulldozers are one of the most common types of earthmoving equipment and are used in a wide variety of projects due to their simple construction and versatility. Take a look at the evolution and development of the bulldozer with HBXG.


The world's first bulldozers?

The bulldozer actually existed long before the invention of the steam engine, although it could not be considered a real machine, as it was powered by a horse-driven bulldozer plate to carry out the bulldozing function.


The world's first bulldozer.

●The true tracked bulldozer was a steam bulldozer designed by Benjamin Holt and Daniel Best for agricultural use in 1890.


●Then, after a brief period of glory, the steam engine era was quickly replaced by the diesel engine. However, the prototype tracked bulldozer invented by Benjamin Holt survived. 1904 saw the introduction of Holt's first tracked bulldozer. 1906 saw the introduction of Holt's first diesel-powered tracked bulldozer. 1915 saw the Allies use Holt's "Caterpillar" in the First World War " tracked bulldozer and created the basis for the invention of the British tank.


●In 1925 the Holt Manufacturing Company merged with the C.L. Best Bulldozer Company to form the Caterpillar Bulldozer Company. 1931 the first diesel 60 bulldozers rolled off the new production line in East Peoria, Illinois with diesel engines. 1942 the US military adopted Caterpillar tracked bulldozers, electric graders, generator sets and a special engine for the M4 tank. a special engine for the M4 tank.


●Caterpillar was a pioneer in the development of the bulldozer and it is undeniable that for a certain period Caterpillar was the only one in the bulldozer market. However, as technology developed, different brands and types of bulldozers were produced. One of these is the Sherman M4A1, a tank bulldozer that is remembered for its pivotal role in the Normandy landings.


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The modern bulldozer


In recent years, the world has become a theme of peace and development, and as people's attention has shifted from war to life, the use of bulldozers has slowly shifted from military to everyday applications. Large bulldozers are mainly used to bulldoze large volumes of earth and are often seen on sites where highways and airports are being built.


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