7 Kinds of Common Construction Machinery Car!

Aug. 10, 2022

China as a large infrastructure country, construction machinery can be seen everywhere, but in the end which is a bulldozer, which is a forklift, not necessarily everyone can distinguish clearly, in order to let you better understand the various construction machinery, HBXG share this article with you today!



Bulldozer is a kind of earthwork machinery capable of excavating, transporting and discharging rock and soil, which has a wide range of uses in open pit mines. It is used for building discharge yards, leveling car discharge yards, stacking scattered ore rocks, leveling working flat pans and building sites, etc.


7 Kinds of Common Construction Machinery Car!

2、Earth grader

Earthmoving machinery that uses scrapers to level the ground. The scraper is installed between the front and rear axle of the machine, and can lift, tilt, turn and stretch out. The action is flexible and accurate, easy to manipulate, and has high precision in leveling the ground. It is suitable for constructing road base and road surface, building side slope, excavating side ditch, and also mixing road mixture, sweeping snow, pushing bulk material and carrying out maintenance work of soil road and gravel road.


7 Kinds of Common Construction Machinery Car!

3、Road Roller

Road roller in the construction machinery belongs to the category of road equipment, widely used in high-grade highways, railroads, airport runways, dams, stadiums and other large-scale engineering projects, fill compaction operations, can be crushed sandy, semi-viscous and cohesive soil, road base stabilized soil and asphalt concrete pavement layer. Road roller and divided into steel wheel type and tire type two types.


7 Kinds of Common Construction Machinery Car!

4、Loader, commonly known as shovel

Loader is a widely used in highways, railroads, construction, hydropower, ports, mines and other construction projects of earthwork construction machinery, it is mainly used for shoveling soil, gravel, lime, coal and other bulk materials, but also ore, hard soil, etc. for light shoveling operations.


7 Kinds of Common Construction Machinery Car!


Excavator, also known as excavator, is the bucket excavation of materials above or below the surface of the bearing machine, and loaded into the transport vehicle or unloaded to the dump of earth moving machinery. The materials excavated by excavators are mainly soil, coal, silt and soil and rock after pre-sonning. Has become one of the most important construction machinery in engineering construction.



Paver is a kind of construction equipment mainly used for paving operations of various materials on the base and surface layers of highways, mainly containing the walking system, hydraulic system, transmission and distribution system, etc.


7、Dump truck

Dump truck refers to the vehicle that unloads the goods by itself through hydraulic or mechanical lifting. Also known as dump truck. By the car chassis, hydraulic lifting mechanism, cargo compartment and pick-up device and other components.


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