Features Of Common Bulldozer

Nov. 13, 2018

The bulldozer is equipped with a dozer blade, which mainly cuts earth or stone materials or transports at short distances. The production capacity is determined according to the engine power. The bulldozers used for road construction are divided into the medium (59~l03kw) and large (118-235kW). ) and extra large (greater than 235kW) three kinds. Bulldozers are generally suitable for construction environments with strong seasonality, concentrated engineering, and poor construction conditions.

1. Crawler dozer: This type of bulldozer has the advantages of large traction and strong climbing ability. It can be used in a more sinister working environment. It is a representative type of bulldozer and is widely used in various earth and stone works.

2. Tire dozer: This type of bulldozer has the advantages of high running speed, short working cycle time, no damage to the road due to transportation, and good maneuverability, and is suitable for municipal engineering;

3. Special dozer: This type of bulldozer is suitable for specific working conditions. It is a kind of bulldozer with wetland bulldozer, amphibious bulldozer, underwater bulldozer, blasting bulldozer, cabin bulldozer and military fast bulldozer.

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