Power Selection Guide Of Bulldozer

Nov. 16, 2018

Bulldozers meet the needs of engineering construction are very important issues for users. Improper selection will limit the efficiency of the machine and even lead to an increase in the machine failure rate, which directly affects the progress of the project and the benefits of the user.

Determine the power level of the machine

When the user decides to buy a bulldozer with a large power level, it should be selected according to the scale of the project and the reasonable application range of the power grade of the bulldozer.

Bulldozers for mine development are generally 235kW (320 hp) above

Bulldozers for general engineering construction, generally 118kW (1 60 hp) to 169 kW (220 hp)

Bulldozers for small-scale construction and general farm operations, generally 196kW (130 hp) ~ 118kW (160 hp)

Bulldozers for road building and water conservancy projects are generally 169 kW (220 hp) - 235 kW (320 hp)

Bulldozers for large and medium-sized engineering auxiliary operations, scattered engineering operations, and loose material accumulation operations are generally 76kW (100 hp) less.

For the selection of machine power grades, factors such as the soil quality of the project and the nature of the machine work should be considered comprehensively. For example, the machine should be constructed in a soil environment mainly composed of sand and rock. Generally, a bulldozer of structure optimized of 162 kW (220 hp) or more should be selected; if the bulldozer In addition to the shovel operation, the pulling operation is frequently performed, which requires consideration of the traction of the machine and a reasonable trade-off.


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