How To Choose A Bulldozer

Nov. 09, 2018

Choosing a bulldozer with reliable quality is very important for engineering construction and will directly affect the efficiency of the machine, the progress of the project and the benefits of the user.

1. Determining the power level of the machine.

When Determining the bulldozer to which a large power grade is purchased, the user should select it based on the size of the project and the reasonable applicable range of the power grade of the bulldozer. For the selection of the power level of the machine, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the factors such as the soil quality of the project and the nature of the machine operation. For example, the machine should be constructed under the soil environment mainly composed of sand and rock. Generally, the bulldozer of 162kw (220 horsepower) or more should be selected; if the bulldozer in addition to the shovel operation, the pulling operation is frequently performed, which requires consideration of the traction of the machine and a reasonable trade-off.

2. Understand the characteristics and operating range of various bulldozers and various configurations.

After determining the power level of the machine, the user should further select the appropriate model from the various variants of the power grade bulldozer according to the specific characteristics of the construction and determine the required configuration. At present, the models available for manufacturers are not only standard models, but also high-profile prototypes suitable for operations above 4000m above sea level, desert-type for desert environment operations, sanitation type suitable for landfill for landfills and bulldozer for port construction

3. Comprehensive inspection of suitable products.

When selecting an industrial bulldozer, users should not only consider how to purchase from a technical point of view but also pay attention to the cost performance of the bulldozer. If only for a project, select a product with high performance and high cost, and ignore the subsequent use cost, not only waste. Funds, but also can not fully play the efficiency of the use of the machine, resulting in unnecessary waste. This will bring greater leisure time to the management of reducing construction costs for any enterprise that carries out engineering construction.

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Bulldozer With Reliable Quality

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