Five Different Kinds of Dozer Blades

Aug. 25, 2021

The types of dozers mentioned above can be further categorized by the blades used. Different blades have different uses, can handle different types of materials, and can handle a variety of load weights. We have listed the most common types below.

Five Different Kinds of Dozer Blades

Straight blades (S-Blade)

The S-blade is the shortest type of blade available for bulldozers and has no flanks. The blade is attached to the arm at the lower corner of the blade. Due to its shape, the straight blade is best suited for fine grain and medium to hard density materials. The disadvantage is that its straight shape limits the lift and load capacity of the dozer. some of the best tasks for s-blades include stumping, backfilling, grading and late soil.

Universal Blades (U-Blade)

U-blades have large flanks and a curved shape that is ideal for pushing material across long stretches of land. The wings prevent material from spilling while in motion. Like the S-blades, they are attached to the lower corners of the blade. It is the largest blade type in height and width and is best suited for soft to medium density soils. some of the best tasks for U-blades include trenching, hauling, pushing and raising.

SU (Semi-U) Blades

This blade combines the features of an S-blade and a U-blade, giving it greater penetration and better overall versatility. It is narrower and less curved than a regular U-blade, and it has smaller flanks. This design makes it ideal for long-distance dozing. This blade uses a tilting stabilizer bracket and one or two hydraulic tilt cylinders attached to the lower back of the blade. It is best suited for pushing soft to medium density sand and soil. su Some of the blade's best tasks include raising, moving heavy loads, tripping and trenching.


This type of blade is mounted in the center of the dozer panel. Its position is useful for moving debris to the side, as it can be angled close to 30 degrees to the left or right. Therefore, the corner blade is considered a bi-directional blade. Keep in mind that this blade may spill because it has no flanks. It is an excellent choice for projects involving soft to medium-hard density soils, snow and gravel. Some of the best tasks for an angle blade include staking, shaping, stripping and trenching.

Power Angle Tilt Shovel Blade

The PAT blade is one of the most versatile blades due to its ease of maneuverability and multifaceted movement. The driver controls the blade from the cabin and can tilt, incline and lift in virtually all directions. Like angle blades, these blades are mounted in the center of the panel. some of the best tasks for PAT shovels include scraping, land clearing, grading, backfilling and leveling.

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