Wear Measures For Crawler Dozers

Nov. 06, 2018

For the wear of the crawler type walking mechanism, the following measures should be taken:

1. If the bulldozer with reliable quality running mechanism has obvious wear at an early stage, stop the operation immediately and check the coincidence degree between the guide wheel, the sprocket wheel, the roller, the drive wheel center and the longitudinal centerline of the walking frame;

2. In order to extend the service life, the front and rear rollers can be exchanged for the position, but the original position of the single and double-sided rollers on the walking frame must be kept unchanged;

3. After the components of the traveling mechanism are worn to the limit of use, the guide wheels, the sprocket wheel, the roller, the drive wheel teeth, the spurs, and the chain link may be repaired or replaced by surfacing;

4. In the case where the track link pitch lengthens due to wear, the reverse link section can be used to remedy or replace the new link section.

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