Hydrostatic Drive and Hydrostatic Bulldozer

Oct. 26, 2021

When talking about bulldozers, we often hear the word "hydrostatic", and whenever hydrostatic is involved, both the price of the product and people's expectations of its performance become very high. A hydrostatic bulldozer is relative to a mechanical drive bulldozer, which consists of an engine as the power source through the power unit to the final drive, which then drives the drive teeth on the final drive to turn the tracks, thus achieving the purpose of making the machine walk.


What does hydrostatic mean?

A hydrostatic bulldozer, also known as a fully hydraulic bulldozer, is a bulldozer that uses hydrostatic transmission technology. The hydrostatic drive is the direct transmission of power using hydraulic fluid oil and its main components are: the hydraulic pump, the control unit and the hydraulic motor. Hydrostatic drive is seen as the mainstream development direction for future bulldozers.

In addition to hydrostatic drive, bulldozers also have mechanical drive, electric drive and other drive methods.

Mechanical transmission

Divided into two categories: one is by the friction between the machine parts to transmit power and friction transmission, the second is by the active parts and driven parts mesh or with the intermediate parts mesh to transmit power or movement of the mesh transmission gearbox is a typical mechanical transmission, the gearbox has a planetary gear system, there are friction and steel plate.

Electric transmissions

Electric wheel trucks, without torque converter, gearbox, differential, final drive, run on electricity with two electric wheel motors at the rear wheels.


Advantages of hydrostatic

Unlike hydro-mechanical drives, hydrostatic drives do not have complex torque converters and other components and rely solely on hydraulic pumps and motors for power transmission, allowing speed and power to be automatically adjusted to match changing loads.

The closed circuit of the hydrostatic drive system has a braking function and the brakes are virtually wear-free. As the system power can be distributed at will, the tyres also rarely slip, reducing tyre wear by up to 25 per cent. Due to the low engine load, the engine life is considerably extended.


Hydrostatic Drive and Hydrostatic Bulldozer

SD7K bulldozer

The SD7K bulldozer has a semi-rigid suspension with overhead sprockets, a three-stage electronically controlled engine, hydrostatic transmission, full power matching function and an automatically controlled independent cooling system. It has an electronically controlled engine with low pollution and energy saving; man-machine interactive instrumentation display and fully sealed air-conditioned cab.

It can be equipped with various working devices such as angle blade, U-blade, single-handle loosener and three-handle loosener; it is the ideal machine for transportation construction, desert, oil field, power engineering, mining and other large earthworks. 

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