Loader VS Bulldozer

Aug. 25, 2022

Loaders and bulldozers are actually more versatile construction machinery, and they can be used in many fields, whether it is the construction of kilometers, railroads, or buildings, or even the construction of hydropower projects, the use of port engineering facilities, or even the development of mines, etc..


The function of the loader

The main function of the loader is to shovel, load soil, sand and gravel and other construction materials, for some ores and so on can also be certain light work, and even some large loaders, but also the role of wood unloading operations, it can be seen that its range of application is very wide. However, the use of the latter is indeed relatively rare, the most common scope of action is actually in the construction of roads, especially some county roads above the large roads, in the construction process, the loader is mainly used for filling and digging engineering roadbed, but also responsible for asphalt materials and cement and concrete material delivery and landfill.


In addition, the loader can also play a role in pushing the ground soil, scraping the gravel on the roadbed, as well as responsible for some other mechanical engineering equipment traction work. It is because of its relatively high efficiency, and more functional and practical, simple operability, so it has always had its voice in civil engineering.


The difference between a loader and a bulldozer



Bulldozer is actually the earliest version of the mechanical tools for handling engineering earth, its functional characteristics is to bulldoze, if there is a sand dune in front, bulldozer can be tired of the sand into a hill, to the surrounding paving, generally its shovel plate can only move up and down, so as to adjust the height when bulldozing, relatively speaking, the operation is a little more unpretentious.


While the loader is also a bulldozing tool, but this type of equipment is often more complex control, its shovel plate can mainly play the action is to rise and fall and roll and other actions, relatively speaking more free, flexible, from the field of operation is more practical.


Loader VS Bulldozer

Shovel plate


The general bulldozer's shovel plate has little depth, and the number of a blunt-angle structure, the upper is straight, the lower is an inclined shovel plate design, provided in front of the locomotive.


However, the shovel plate of a loader is actually more like a "bucket" structure, similar to the scoop of an excavator, with a concave depth, so it can be used to store and carry objects. In addition, the loader is often a single bucket structure, with a clear connection between the bucket and the body, so the "hands" are a little longer when operating.


Different tire structure


The tire structure of the bulldozer is the same as the excavator, mainly using the design of the track structure, such a design, can not be said to be useless, at least the bulldozer can operate in some muddy roads, or mountains, many disaster rescue site will have the bulldozer figure.


In contrast, the loader is a large wheel structure, such a design also has benefits, first of all, the loader is more autonomous, do not want to bulldozers, but also need trucks and other equipment for remote transport, in addition to faster, in some highway roadbed construction, fast more advantageous, if the bulldozer such a track structure, not only easy to damage the roadbed, and engineering efficiency is too slow.


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