What Failures Will the Loader Encounter?

Aug. 19, 2022

1, idle automatically forward, put into forward gear can also be normal driving, put into backward gear when the machine stops, can not walk. The working pressure of each gear is normal.


Failure causes.

Forward clutch master and slave plate sintering and clamping.

Forward clutch piston jamming, support check valve blockage.


Removal method.

Disassemble the forward clutch, clean the oil channel, replace the main and driven friction plate and related damaged parts, clean the relevant parts, replace the outer seal ring, clean and unclog the check valve, replace the clutch friction plate, inner and outer seal ring.


2, the whole machine suddenly does not move forward, not backward, variable speed working pressure is normal.


Cause of failure.

(1) for the variable speed distribution valve failure or (40F, 50D, 50F) accumulator damage variable speed valve pneumatic control valve stem stuck or damaged.

(2) the oil feed path blocked.

(3) Accumulator oil circuit blockage.

(4) Pneumatic control shut-off valve failure.


Removal method.

Clean the isolation stem of the variable speed valve or replace the pneumatic control valve to unclog the relevant oil circuit, repair or replace the pneumatic control shut-off valve. Need loader apparatus contact wisdom big view.


3, the machine normal driving process, hanging second gear suddenly does not work, check the gear and the rest of the working pressure of each gear are normal.


Cause of failure.

The gear clutch shaft broken.


Removal method.

Replace the clutch shaft, re-adjust the bearing clearance.


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4, the engine idle or high-speed dynamic rotation, the ammeter indication does not charge.


Cause of failure.

Generator armature and magnetic field wiring insulator damage, slip ring insulation breakdown, silicon diode breakdown, short circuit or disconnection, voltage regulator contact burnout, stator or rotor coil overlap or disconnection.


Exclusion method.

Check and repair the damaged parts, replace the slip ring, replace the diode, replace the regulator, repair the stator or rotor coil.


5, hand-controlled brake valve is connected, easy to pop up.


Cause of failure.

Air pressure is low to 0.35MPa, hand control brake valve damage, sealing is not tight, air control shut-off valve damage, parking stationary gas chamber piston on the seal is damaged.


Removal method.

Check the air compressor work whether the pipeline has no air leakage, replace the damaged seals.


6, when braking, to one side of the deflection.


Cause of failure.

The two front wheel brake disc and friction pad gap is not the same, the two front wheel friction pad contact area difference, a front wheel piston air, a front wheel caliper deformation, two front wheel air pressure is not the same, a side wheel friction pad oil and water wet.


Exclusion method.

Check the brake disc and friction pads such as damaged replacement, check and replace the friction pads, according to the correct method to exhaust the air, replacement, inflatable chamber regulations and air pressure consistent, cleaning and blowing dry.


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