How To Maintain The Excavator In Rainy Days

Nov. 20, 2018

Let's take a look at what matters should the high quality excavator pay attention to when it rains!

1. Clean in time

In case of heavy rain, it should be cleaned in time.

2. Paint surface

The acidic components in the rainwater have a strong corrosive effect on the paint surface of the excavator, which will damage the paint surface of the excavator over time. Therefore, in the rainy season, it is best to give the excavator a paint finish. The easiest thing is to wax. For longer, it is more effective to seal the glaze. Regardless of the method, the excavator is put on an invisible protective coat to prevent the paint surface from fading and aging.

3. Chassis care

The chassis is the closest to the ground, which is particularly affected by the road conditions, generally, this part is most likely to be rusted, and the wheel shell may even loosen the perforation. Therefore, we must pay attention to the cleaning and anti-rust treatment of the excavator chassis, and do a chassis anti-rust treatment.

4. Ignition start

Rainy days, if you encounter a problem that the engine is not easy to start, sometimes even if you barely start it, it will be weak. The biggest possibility of this problem is the leakage of electricity from the ignition system due to moisture, thus losing the normal ignition function.

Once it is found that the ignition system is wet and the ignition is poor, the engine performance is degraded. It is best to dry the inside and outside of the distribution board and the wires with a dry paper towel or a dry cloth, and then spray the desiccant with a special desiccant spray can. At the distribution panel cover, battery connector, line connector, high voltage line, etc., the engine can be started after waiting for a while.

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