Safety Device of Crawler Dozer

Nov. 23, 2018

Do you know the safety devices on crawler dozer? Let's get to know it!

1. Overturning and falling protection device

This device can effectively protect the driver's personal safety when the bulldozer overturns or stones fall from high to the top of the cab. Therefore, the device is required to withstand not only a certain amount of force but also absorb a certain amount of energy. It must have a certain rigid structure to resist the impact force, as well as a certain degree of plasticity so that it can absorb the impact energy.

2. Protection devices for forest operations

The device is designed to take into account that when the bulldozer works in the forest, fallen trees will cause harm to people and organisms. In order to effectively protect the driver's personal safety, a protective net is installed on his left and right, and a protective frame is installed on the front. The protective frame extends to the front of the body and can also protect the engine's air filter and muffler hoist cylinder. In addition, because the hinge point of the straight shovel lifting cylinder is installed on the shovel blade body, the lifting cylinder should swing around the longitudinal centerline with the lateral inclination of the shovel blade, so the swing amount should be taken into account when designing the forest operation protection frame to avoid interference.

3. Walking frame protection device

The device consists of a guide plate assembly, in which the guide plate assembly is welded before and after the walking frame, and the support wheel plate assembly is bolted to the bottom of the walking frame and the guide plate assembly before and after the walking frame.

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