Operating Tips to Cut Maintenance Costs of Dozer

Apr. 20, 2021

How the Dozer is operated has a major impact on the owning and operating costs,Important tips include:



Make wider turns when possible: Counter-rotation, or pivot turns, accelerate wear.

Travel straight up and down on slopes: Constant operation on a slope or hill in one direction can accelerate wear to idlers, rollers and guide lugs by placing greater forces on one side. Turns are best performed on level ground. Some jobs require hillside work. For these situations, minimizing time on the slope will pay off in reduced wear and load to the undercarriage.

Alternate turning direction: Continuous turning on the same side can cause asymmetrical wear. Make every effort to balance the direction of turns throughout the day.

Control track spinning of Track Bulldozer : Unnecessary spinning increases wear and can decrease productivity. Decrease the blade or bucket load to avoid it.

Limit high-speed and reverse travel: Minimize unproductive high speeds and avoid excessive travel in reverse.

Use caution when edges are encountered: Avoid loading just the side of the track pad instead of the entire pad supporting the weight.

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