Performance and Usage of Bulldozers

Jun. 23, 2022

Bulldozers in China started to be produced only after the founding of New China in 1949. Initially, people added bulldozers to agricultural tractors to make simple bulldozers. With the development of national economy and market, the demand for medium and large crawler bulldozers in large mines, water conservancy, power stations and transportation sectors has been increasing.

Performance of bulldozers

Bulldozers are equipped with bulldozing shovels, mainly for cutting or short-distance handling of earth and rock or bulk materials, according to the engine power to determine its production capacity, bulldozers for road construction are divided into medium-sized (59 ~ l03kw), large (118-235kW) and very large (greater than 235kW) 3 kinds. Bulldozers are generally suitable for the construction environment with strong seasonality, concentrated work volume and poor construction conditions.


Hydrostatic SD5K Bulldozer

Commonly used bulldozers

(1) Crawler type: This type of bulldozer has the advantages of large traction and strong climbing ability, and is capable of handling the more treacherous working environment, and is the representative type of bulldozer, which is widely used in various earthmoving projects.

(2) tire type: this type of bulldozer has the advantages of high driving speed, short operation cycle time, transport transfer without damaging the road, good mobility, etc., and is suitable for municipal projects.

(3) special type: such bulldozers are suitable for specific work situations, such as wetland bulldozers, amphibious bulldozers, underwater bulldozers, demolition bulldozers, cabin bulldozers, military fast bulldozers, etc.

The use of bulldozers

Bulldozer is the tractor as the driving machine, plus the cutting blade of the bulldozer composed of machinery; used to remove land, road structures or similar work.

The bulldozer is an engineering vehicle with a large metal bulldozer in the front, which is used to shovel and push mud, sand and stones forward, and the position and angle of the bulldozer can be adjusted. The bulldozer can complete the work of digging, transporting and unloading soil alone, with the characteristics of flexible operation, convenient rotation, small working surface required, fast driving speed and so on. It is mainly used for shallow excavation and short transportation of one to three types of soil, such as site cleaning or leveling, excavation of pits with little depth and backfill, pushing and building roadbeds with little height, etc.

Bulldozer is also a kind of short-distance self-propelled shoveling and transportation machinery, mainly used for short-distance construction work from 50 to 100 meters. Bulldozer is mainly used to excavate road rift, construct embankment, backfill pits, shovel obstacles, snow removal, site leveling, etc. It can also be used to complete the shoveling and stacking of loose materials within a short distance. When the self-propelled scraper traction is not enough, the bulldozer can also be used to help shovel machine, with the bulldozer plate for top pushing operations. The bulldozer can also use the hook to pull various towed machines (such as towed scrapers, towed vibratory rollers, etc.) for operation.


T140-1 Bulldozer


The bulldozer has a wide range of uses and is one of the most commonly used operating machines in shoveling and transportation machinery, occupying a very important position in earthwork construction machinery. Bulldozers play a great role in the construction of highways, railroads, airports, ports and other transportation, and in the construction of mining, agricultural land renovation, water conservancy construction, large power stations and national defense construction. Please contact HBXG if you need to buy the dozers, we welcome your inquiries.

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