Why Hydrostatic Bulldozer Can Improve Efficiency

Jun. 17, 2022

Hydrostatic drives on bulldozers offer a variety of advantages for novice and experienced drivers. They are much more efficient in many applications compared to power-shift dozers. In some applications, one giant Hydrostatic Bulldozer can do the work that previously required two to three conventional bulldozers.

Smoother operation shows that the hydrostatic bulldozer will immediately raise the throttle to maintain the dozer's ground speed throughout the linear dozing process, especially during power transitions, leading to improved tonnage control.

Why Hydrostatic Bulldozer Can Improve Efficiency

Customized Parameters

Hydrostatic is the perfect partner for GPS-enabled dozer control, which makes it simple for operators of large dozers to use for specific surface area grading. Many hydrostatic dozer operators can customize variation and shovel control parameters, allowing them to tailor equipment performance to job requirements and personal choices.

Smooth operation

The hydrostatic drive allows the driver of a pipe-laying dozer to move the pipe into the trench more efficiently, which is important when there are workers in the trench to help position the pipe. Constant variable speed allows the driver to creep the hydrostatic bulldozer forward without rushing to upshift or downshift.

Easier to run

Hydrostatic excavators help unskilled operators work faster and make experienced drivers more productive. Because these complex devices are responsible for power monitoring and sometimes blade control, they require much less attention in the cab. This allows him or her to give more attention to nearby equipment and workers, which helps improve job site safety.

Why Hydrostatic Bulldozer Can Improve Efficiency

Safety and Security

Dynamic braking means that the operator of a hydrostatic bulldozer only has to press one brake pedal. In contrast, a powershift dozer has both a deceleration pedal and a brake pedal. When you activate the throttle on a hydrostatic-driven dozer, the hydraulic pressure in the system stops the dozer. This indicates that the dozer will not roll backward when the operator stops the dozer on a slope.

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