The Fuel Saving Tips Of Bulldozer

Oct. 29, 2018

Do you know that there are fuel-efficient operating techniques when operating the high efficient bulldozer, let's take a look at these tips.

Today, as oil prices continue to soar, the major oil-consuming engineers of construction machinery can consume real money every day. How to consume the least amount of oil to dry the most is a big concern for users.

In fact, fuel economy and work efficiency do not conflict, the key is the details, develop good habits in the actual work, reduce fuel consumption, improve work efficiency is a very simple thing.

Grooved bulldozing method

In the actual process, the groove type bulldozing method can be applied: the optimal working distance of the bulldozer is 50 meters. If the distance is too long, the material pushed by the bulldozer will be scattered. In this case, the principle of the groove can be utilized to make the material more concentrated.

When the easy maintenance bulldozer is working, it will first push a groove out, then the bulldozer will pour it backward. Using the groove formed in the front, and then pushing the soil, and stepping back, can help maintain materials and improve work efficiency.

In terms of road design, the slope of general roads should not exceed 10%, and the slope should be kept as consistent as possible. The frequent shifting of machines will waste time and waste oil. The road surface is also an aspect of fuel saving.


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