Two Tips On The Use Of Crawler Dozers

Oct. 25, 2018

1. Turn

When the crawler dozer is turning in operation, the steering clutch lever can be pulled back to separate the steering clutch, so that the track speed of the corresponding side becomes slow, and the bulldozer starts to turn. In order to make the bulldozer turn sharply, in addition to separating the steering clutch, the corresponding brake pedal should be stepped on, and the sharp turn is generally allowed only when the Ⅰ gear is running. When the brake is not in use, the foot should not be placed on the brake pedal, otherwise, the brake band wear and fuel consumption will increase.

When the bulldozer is turning, the brake pedal should be smoothly pressed to avoid jumping. After the turn is over, loosen the brake pedal and then release the joystick. If the turning radius is large, it is not necessary to step on the brake pedal. When it is not necessary, it is forbidden to make the bulldozer rotate at high speed in order to avoid accidents caused by track derailment.

2. Ramp

Different types of bulldozers have different grade ability (typically 30°), which is different for slopes and terrain that can be adapted to the same type of bulldozer. The driver should be familiar with the climbing limit of the model used to avoid landslides due to insufficient up and downhill capacity.

Before going uphill, you should choose the appropriate speed block according to the terrain, the slope size and the length, and you are not allowed to shift gears in the middle of the climb. When going uphill, the bulldozer should run at a vertical angle to the lateral slope of the hill. The blade can be lowered appropriately to avoid affecting the line of sight and to quickly bring the blade to the ground to help the bulldozer brake in the event of a landslide.

If the engine is turned off during the uphill journey, stop the oil supply immediately, lower the blade and brake the brakes. When the slope cannot be stopped, the reverse gear should be slowly slid to the bottom of the slope (sliding while braking) and then started. If the oil supply is not stopped and the forward gear is slid down, the power will be reversed to the engine and the fire will be reversed, causing the air filter to spray outward. In the event of a reverse fire, the throttle should be quickly closed and the bulldozer braked. Before restarting, check that the shift lever is in the neutral position.

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