What Is Hydrostatic Bulldozer?

Nov. 02, 2018

What is hydrostatic?

The hydrostatic bulldozer is also called a full hydraulic bulldozer, which means that the bulldozer uses hydrostatic transmission technology. The hydrostatic transmission is the direct transmission of power with hydraulic oil. Its main components are the hydraulic pump, control device and hydraulic motor. The advantages of the hydrostatic drive are large transmission ratio, high transmission efficiency, stepless speed regulation, etc. Hydrostatic drive is regarded as the mainstream development direction of future bulldozers.

In addition to hydrostatic transmission, the bulldozer also has mechanical transmission, hydraulic transmission, electro-hydraulic transmission and other transmission methods. The power transmission route of the mechanical transmission is: engine - gearbox - drive shaft - drive axle, which is difficult to achieve stepless speed change, and the shock resistance is relatively poor.

The hydraulic transmission uses the kinetic energy of liquid to transmit power. The main components are hydraulic coupler and torque converter. The power transmission route is engine - hydraulic coupler - hydraulic torque converter - actuator It is currently the mainstream bulldozer drive form. The advantages of hydraulic transmission are automatic adaptability, anti-vibration and vibration isolation. The disadvantages are low efficiency and narrow range of high efficiency.

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Hydrostatic Bulldozer

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