Three common road construction machines

Oct. 22, 2018

There are three common road construction machines in real life. Let's take a look.


Loader Definition: Loader is a kind of earthwork construction machinery widely used in highway, railway, construction, hydropower, port, mine and other construction projects. It is mainly used for shoveling and loading soil, sand and stone, lime, coal and other loose materials, but also for ore, hard soil and other light shoveling and digging operations. Loading, lifting and other materials can be carried out by changing different auxiliary working devices.

Motor Grader

A grader is an earthmoving machine that uses a scraper to level the ground. The scraper is mounted between the front and rear axles of the machine and can be lifted, tilted, swiveled and extended. The movement is flexible and accurate, the operation is convenient, and the leveling site has high precision. It is suitable for constructing roadbed and road surface, building slope, excavating side ditch, stirring the ground material mixture, sweeping snow, pushing loose material and carrying out dirt road and Maintenance work on gravel roads.

Crawler Dozer

Crawler dozers are earth-moving machines capable of excavating, transporting, and abandoning rock and are widely used in open pit mines. For example, it is used to construct waste dumps, flatten automobile dumping sites, pile up scattered ore rock, flatten work flats and construction sites. It is used not only for auxiliary work but also for major mining work. For example, stripping and mining of sand deposits, haulage and boosting of scrapers and plows, and other earth-moving machinery to reduce the height of stripping steps when there is no transport mining method.


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