How to Use the Crawler Bulldozer is Less Prone to Failure?

Jul. 05, 2021

Today Bulldozer China Factory to introduce the correct use of crawler bulldozers, I hope it will help you.

1.Speed change and retreat

When shifting, the throttle handle should be pushed forward to the low-speed idle position, and then the main clutch lever should be pushed to the front to disengage the main clutch. Due to the small brake in the main clutch, the power input shaft of the transmission stops rotating... At this point, the shift reference can be properly shifted to the desired gear, and then the forward and reverse lever can be put into the forward or reverse position. After entering the gear, pull the throttle handle backward to increase the engine speed and connect the main clutch smoothly, and the bulldozer starts to run.



When the Bulldozer is running, the main clutch lever should be pulled to the rear and not in the semi-engaged position. Because the main clutch is in the semi-engaged position, the wear of the friction plate will increase. The bulldozer transmission generally has five forward gears and four reverse gears. The forward and reverse levers can be used to change the direction of the bulldozer.

When the bulldozer is operating, it should run at the highest speed possible to improve operational efficiency. However, the driver should always pay attention to whether the engine is running properly. When the engine is found to be overheating and exhaust gas is coming out, the speed should be reduced appropriately.

2. Steering

When the crawler bulldozer is turning, the steering clutch lever on the steering side can be pulled back to disengage the steering clutch, so the corresponding side of the crawler slows down and the bulldozer starts to turn. In order for the bulldozer to make a sharp turn, in addition to disengaging the steering clutch, the corresponding brake pedal should be depressed. In general, sharp turns are only allowed when running in first gear. When not using the brake, the foot should not be placed on the brake pedal, otherwise it will cause wear of the brake band and increase fuel consumption.

When the bulldozer is turning, depress the brake pedal smoothly to avoid jumping during the turn. After turning, release the brake pedal and let go of the lever. If the turning radius is large, there is no need to press the brake pedal. Do not let the bulldozer turn at high speed in place when you do not want to turn, so as not to cause track derailment accidents.

3. Driving on a ramp

Different types of bulldozers have different climbing abilities, and the slope and terrain that the bulldozer of the same structure can adapt to are also different. The driver should be familiar with the climbing limit of the model used in order to avoid landslides caused by insufficient uphill and downhill capacity.

The appropriate speed gear should be selected according to the terrain, slope size and length before going uphill, and no gear change is allowed when climbing a slope. When going up the slope, the bulldozer should run perpendicular to the slope, and horizontal driving is not allowed on steep slopes; the blade can be lowered appropriately to avoid affecting the line of sight, and in the event of a landslide, the blade can be grounded quickly to help brake the bulldozer; if the engine stops on the way up the slope, the oil supply should be stopped immediately, the blade should be lowered, and the brake should be applied immediately. If you can not stop on the slope, you should switch to reverse gear, slowly slide to the bottom of the slope (slide while braking), and then start the ground to discourage; if you do not stop the oil supply, slide down with forward gear, it will pass to the back because of the power. The engine causes a fire in reverse, causing the air cleaner to spray oil. If a reverse fire occurs, quickly close the throttle and brake the bulldozer. Before restarting, check that the shift lever is in neutral position. When the bulldozer is going downhill, choose a low speed, small throttle position and use the brake pedal.

These are several ways to use Crawler Bulldozers, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of malfunctions.

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