Winter Care and Maintenance of Bulldozers

Dec. 28, 2021

Bulldozer manufacturer shows you some tips of upkeeping bulldozers in winter.

Change oil according to the temperature

When winter comes, the temperature will also slowly decrease, we should choose the fuel and lubricant according to the minimum temperature of the local weather. For example, if the minimum temperature is above -10℃, you can choose negative 10 diesel oil, and if it is lower than -10℃, you should choose higher grade diesel oil to avoid poor engine oil supply caused by low temperature, so that the machine cannot start and run normally.

At the same time, the oil should also be changed according to the requirements of the equipment winter special oil, in order to reduce the starting resistance, to ensure lubrication. Winter temperature is very low, the hydraulic oil viscosity will increase, the hydraulic pump suction negative pressure increases, and finally cause insufficient oil supply, affecting the accuracy and sensitivity of the operation of the executive components, so also to choose the specified type of hydraulic oil.

Winter Care and Maintenance of Bulldozers

SD8N bulldozer, track-type dozer with elevated sprocket

Bulldozer start, do not forget to preheat

Because for the engine, the oil viscosity is large when starting at low temperature, which will cause the lubricating oil to be insufficient for a short period of time and cannot be spread throughout the lubrication points, and if the engine runs at high speed at this time, the crankshaft, camshaft and rocker shaft will be worn out, and the heavy one will cause serious accidents such as cylinder pulling and tile burning. Therefore, the engine should idle for a while after starting, and then add load after the water temperature rises.

Hydraulic system warm-up is also the same. Hydraulic parts lubrication is also dependent on hydraulic oil, if the pump oil is not enough, poor lubrication, will greatly affect the life of the pump and motor. So after starting the engine, you should not add load first, make the hydraulic parts run a few times, so that all the executive components are action, to ensure that each hydraulic components have lubricant through, to avoid jamming, resulting in construction accidents.

Add antifreeze to the bulldozer

As the temperature slowly decreases, the seals of the equipment cylinders and hydraulic pipe joints will crack and shrink, resulting in poor sealing and leakage, and the transmission connections and bolts will also be affected by low temperature, resulting in a decrease in strength and stiffness, such as water leakage from the water seal cover on the engine side, loose transmission shaft screws, and pin connections falling off. So we should strengthen the inspection, timely detection of problems, the small hidden problems will be eliminated, to avoid causing major failures.

At the same time also to strengthen the maintenance work, low temperature grease liquidity is poor, grease more timely replenishment. For cold water engines, we should change the antifreeze in time to avoid the accident of freezing and cracking the body and cooler. Every day before work and after work to strictly check to avoid human accidents, to ensure the normal operation of equipment, to ensure the normal winter construction.

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