Precautions in the Use of Bulldozers

Sep. 14, 2022

Bulldozer is a kind of earthwork machine that can excavate, transport and dispose of rock and soil, and has a wide range of uses in open pit mines. But for this heavy machinery, we also have many matters that need attention in the use of the process, please follow HBXG to learn more about it!


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HBXG TY165-3 Bulldozer


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HBXG SD7N Bulldozer

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The use of bulldozers should pay attention to the following points.


1. New machines should go through a break-in phase before use, and should not be put into use directly. In the "break-in" process, pay special attention to lubrication and maintenance, as well as instrumentation inspection work, and troubleshooting in a timely manner.


2. When the ambient temperature is lower than 5℃, the cooling water should be heated to 80℃ and then added to the water tank until the water is released and closed, then continue to fill up.


3. In the starting process: Do not pull directly from neutral to second or third gear position to avoid excessive starting speed of used bulldozers, resulting in excessive impact load on transmission components. Before hanging gear, the throttle lever should not be pulled to the maximum throttle position. Each lever plate moving position must be accurate, thorough, do not abort, so as not to make the clutch friction plate slippage, causing serious burns, wear.


4. After the diesel engine is started, it must run without load preheating, and the oil temperature does not reach the working range, do not start driving.


5. In the process of shifting and moving in and out: when manipulating the lever, you should first step on the gas pedal, and then pull the lever. If the car is not running when pulling from a certain gear to the required gear, you can pull from a certain gear to the neutral position, and then pull to the required gear again.

The car is not in motion. If there is no special need, do not steer in place at high speed, so as not to cause serious wear and tear or other damage to the running system.


6. Driving on uneven road or on watery ground:


Choose low speed as far as possible, avoid emergency and frequent rotation. When driving on rocky road, the track tension should be slightly tightened to reduce the wear of track plate. The shovel and loosening teeth should not be lifted too high, generally 400mm from the ground. When crossing a large obstacle, travel slowly at low speed. Avoid crossing tall obstacles at an angle, and do not pull the steering and braking lever to "separate" the side of the steering clutch as a crossing measure. Bulldozer in the watery ground when driving, should not make the diesel engine fan on the water surface to stir splash.


7. In the parking and diesel engine off: In order to ensure safety and avoid accidents, the diesel engine should be parked and turned off before the shovel blade to the ground.


8. In shoveling and loosening operation.


In the shovel push or loosening operation, if encounter greater resistance can not move forward, should immediately stop the shovel push or loosening operation, do not force the operation, should take measures such as adjusting the work device cut into the amount or bulldozer backward. Bulldozer in the process of shoveling or loosening soil operations, should try to avoid pulling the steering and braking lever, need to adjust the forward direction of the bulldozer, should make the bulldozer load reduced to a certain extent, and then pull the steering and braking lever.


When the crawler and walking part and other parts are caught between the stone and other hard objects, should be low speed in the opposite direction, to remove hard objects, and then work. Don't make the engine idle too long, especially in the use of Chongqing factory "Cummins" engine, to prevent the combustion chamber temperature is too low, fuel can not be completely burned, causing carbon accumulation, blocking the spray hole, stuck valve and other failures.


9. Driving on steep slopes.


Bulldozer slope angle can not be greater than 30 degrees longitudinal, horizontal can not be greater than 25 degrees, in general, should avoid large angle slope, especially to avoid the horizontal large angle slope. If it is necessary to drive on steep slopes, the driver should be trained or selected with experience to prevent accidents. When the bulldozer goes forward and downhill on a steep slope, it should choose a low-speed gear, the diesel engine throttle lever should be placed on a small open position, and attention should be paid to control the total brake pedal to prevent skidding.


The above 9 precautions, please operators are careful to learn to pay attention to. If you have any questions, welcome to leave a message to discuss with our professional engineers.

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